• The Link for NALSA: Legal Services App (For Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nalsa.lsmsapp & for iOS : https://apps.apple.com/in/app/nalsa-legal-services/id1592802734
  • Legal Aid Information System (LAIS) to provide free online legal aid has been inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, Hon’ble Justice, Supreme Court of India, on 06-03-2020.[http://uklegalaidservices.uk.gov.in]



 1. National Legal Services Authority (Free and Competent Legal Services) Regulations, 2010 

 2. National Legal Services Authority(Legal Services Clinics in Universities, Law College and other         Institutions) Scheme, 2013

 3. Uttarakhand (Victim of Crime) Compensation Scheme, 2013 and Uttarakhand Compensation Scheme for Women Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault/Other Crimes, 2020

 4. NALSA (Victims of Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation) Scheme, 2015 

 5. NALSA (Protection and Enforcement of Tribal Rights) Scheme, 2015 

 6. NALSA (Effective Implementation of Poverty Alleviation Schemes) Scheme, 2015

 7. NALSA (Child Friendly Legal Services to Children and their Protection) Scheme, 2015

 8. NALSA (Legal Services to the Workers in the Unorganized Sector) Scheme, 2015 

 9. NALSA (Legal Services to the Victims of Drug Abuse and Eradication of Drug Menace) Scheme,       2015

10. NALSA (Legal Services to the Mentally III and Mentally Disabled Persons) Scheme, 2015

11. NALSA (Legal Services to Senior Citizens), Scheme, 2016

12. NALSA (Legal Services to Victims of Acid Attacks), Scheme, 2016

13. Scheme for Legal Services to Disaster Victims 

14. Scheme for Para-Legal Volunteers (Revised)

Source :UTTARAKHAND STATE LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY (SLSA) Highcourt Compound - Nainital, Last Updated on 25-04-2024